Major Business

Weichai power is an integrated research and development manufacturing company of power system. It is the only enterprise in the world with a full range of medium and high-speed engines for all applications.

Shig owns enterprises such as Sinortuk, Shacman and Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle, and ranks first in global sales of heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Weichai Lovol IntelligentI agricultural equipment is the largest agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprise in China, with its tractor, wheat harvester and corn harvester sales ranking No.1 domestically. It aims to provide intelligent solutions for agricultural modernization.

Construction equipment business has two major brands including Shantui and Weichai Lovol. The bulldozer production and sales ranks first in China, the second place in the world.

The Kion Group is a world-leading supplier of industrial vehicles and supply chain solutions. Its expertise covers industrial vehicles, including forklifts, storage technology equipment...all related services that help to improve the efficiency of supply chain operations.

Ferreti Group is the worlds leader in luxury Yachts and leisure vessels. It owns seven brands including Riva, Wally, Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, CRN and Custom Line, of which Riva, Wally, Pershing and Ferrett Yachts are among the top 10 yacht brands in the world.

Domestic Brands
Overseas Brands